Automotive Detailer / Shop Assistant

Title: Automotive Detailer / Shop Assistant 

Reports To: Shop Foreman  

Location: Tacoma, WA 

Employment: Full Time 


  • $17.50-$30.00, rate dependent upon experience 
  • Co-pay Medical and Dental 
  • Life Insurance 
  • 401(k) Plan 
  • Flex Spending Plan 
  • Paid Vacation and sick days + holiday pay 

Summary Description: This entry level position is responsible for preparation of sales vehicles, refinishing of completed restoration projects, and detailing select customer vehicles to a high degree. This position will aid both our sales and restoration departments. 


  • Responsible for executing high level detail and cleaning of all vehicles prior to final delivery to our customers 
  • Visually inspect every vehicle for faults and create an individualized plan to execute  
  • Maintaining the proper function of all service tools and equipment in the detail department; keep personal work area organized and returns tools, materials, and equipment to designated areas 
  • Perform daily, weekly, and monthly Detail Department upkeep—to keep our Detail Department clean, organized, and efficient. 
  • Performs other duties and training opportunities as assigned by management  



  • Candidates for this position need to have a good attitude for a heavy workload 
  • You must be open to learning new techniques, unafraid of asking questions, and a driven self-starter 
  • You must be capable of working on or around rare, exotic cars, luxury vehicles, and daily drivers  
  • Past experience as an Automotive Detailer ideal 
  • Must have a valid, in-state driver's license with an acceptable, safe driving record and the ability to operate an automobile 
  • Effective communication (written or verbal) and interpersonal skills required  
  • Ability to work in a high-performance, fast-paced team environment  
  • Ability to adapt to and work effectively within a constantly changing environment  
  • Ability to sit or stand for prolonged periods of time  
  • Must be willing and able to wear personal protective equipment—including a respirator or protective ear plugs—whenever prudent, for safety’s sake per OSHA and L&I guidelines  
  • Ability to operate equipment in a safe and efficient manner 


We value individuals capable of maintaining a positive “can-do” attitude, a strong work ethic and the persistence to keep trying. This means you should be able to take feedback and critique of your work patiently and with an open mind. Candidate must be self-motivated and driven to exceed expectations. Also important is a good sense of humor, ability to take direction, integrity and the curiosity and drive for constant self-improvement.   


We ask that candidate provide support for industry experience through references from previous clients, employers or certifications.  

Cognitive Skills

Candidate will have strong written and verbal communication skills and learn quickly from failures or mistakes. Candidate will be a natural problem solver, and maintain patience and professionalism in dealings with clients. 


We look for habits in candidates such as:

  • Punctuality
  • Maintaining a clean workspace
  • Maintaining a professional appearance
  • Good management of time and deadlines

Work Environment (Fit)

  • Position requires willingness and ability to work overtime when required to meet deadlines.
  • Candidates should be prepared to enter a workspace dedicated to excellence and constant improvement. We value openness and honesty, and also expect feedback on what could be done better.
  • We expect candidates to execute their work diligently and without prompting or hand holding. 
  • We value creativity and a desire to problem solve. 
  • We value cleanliness very highly, your work space should reflect this.

About Griot’s Motors

Griot’s Motors is a Restorations, Sales, and Service business that lives to connect great people with great cars. In all businesses, but ours especially, reputation is everything. Griot’s Motors has a reputation for:

Excellence: The ability to produce the highest quality in all that we do, and the attitude to accept nothing less.

Integrity & Honesty: We strive to consistently, transparently and reliably do the right things for our clients and employees. 

Perseverance: We keep our cool and maintain the quality of work through the many and various challenges encountered.

Attitude: Smiling, positivity, laughter and encouragement are what we like. Check your ego at the door.

About the Owner

The Owner is analytical and detail oriented; you can expect to be questioned often and at length about seemingly small details. The Owner is patient and takes time to consider and weigh all options based on facts. The more facts you can provide, the better. Showing up late, unmotivated to work, or having a bad attitude will not be tolerated. The Owner is a happy, family oriented and positive person who ultimately wants to provide a workplace where other hard-working individuals can be positive and enthusiastic about what they do and have fun while doing it.