About Griot's Motors

Griot's Motors is a family run business that was originally started as a small operation in the back of the Griot's Garage headquarters maintaining and restoring Richard Griot’s personal collection.

Since our unofficial beginning in 2008 our small shop has overseen and experienced countless restorations, engine swaps, concourse winning details and have met some of the most devout car enthusiasts in the world. As our ranks and aspirations grew it became clear that Griot’s Motors would need to build its own facility to continue taking on an ever-increasing workload. 

In 2018, Phillip Griot started what would be a two-year project moving Griot’s Motors out of their old home and into a 30,000sqft facility purpose built to serve our clients better. Today Griots Motors is able to provide world class service to clients for all of their Sales, Restoration, Detail and Storage needs. Our mission is simple: to keep our clients and their cars on the road where they belong. 

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