0 Hellcat 3/4 quarter


0 Hellcat 3/4 quarterFront ShotFront right quarter panelPassenger-side shot
Left headlightLeft headlightRight headlightRight headlight
Door handleDoor handleSpoilerLeft front wheel
Left rear wheelFront left halfRear left halfFront right wheel
Right rear wheelFront right halfLeft rear halfTailight
left taillightright taillightRight headlightLeft headlight
Front lowRear quarter highFront right quarter highLeft front quarter high
Rear left quarter Engine leftEngine CenterEngine Right
Trunk rightTrunk CenterTrunk leftDriver door card
Door controlsDrivers seatDrivers seatDrivers seat
Steering wheel and dashOdometer and GaugesCenter ConsoleShifter
Center ConsoleSteering wheel controlsRear seatsPassenger door card
Passenger door controlsPassenger seatPassenger SeatPassenger seat
Passenger side dashRear seatsPassenger footwellGlove box
Passenger door jamDriver door jamInterior door jamDriver door jam
Driver door jamTop of driver doorExterior driver doorDriver door bottom
Passenger door jamPassenger door jamPassenger door jamTop of passenger door
Exterior of passenger doorBottom of passenger door

2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat


  • Horsepower: 707hp
  • Weight: 4,449lbs
  • Engine: 6.2L Supercharged V8
  • Transmission: Manual

In 2015 Dodge released the new Challenger Hellcat to combat Ford’s then current 662hp GT500 and Chevy’s 580hp Camaro ZL1. The release was an absolute bombshell with Dodge announcing the Hellcat would be delivered with a ridiculous 707hp supercharged 6.2L V8 that would do 0-60 in 3.6s. Car and Driver declared upon its launch that the “Hellcat officially ushers in the age of unreason”. What wasn’t unreasonable was the price. The 2015 Hellcat was released with a base price of $60,590, which averages out to $85.70 per horse-power. Compare that to the the La Ferrari at $1473.68 per horsepower and you have a screaming deal, which Car and Driver brilliantly illustrated at the launch. It’s amazing to think that the Hellcat could be the last hurrah in the era of automobile “unreason” as manufacturers battle a continuous push for further automation, regulation and alternative fuel sources. These Hellcats could very well become an endangered species quite soon. 

For the last 5 years the U.S. manufacturers have really thrown down the gauntlet after years of uninspired design and vanilla model releases. We are currently living in the golden era of muscle cars. Between the big three of Dodge, Ford, and Chevy it seems that they missed the memo on low emission, nanny geared, automatic transmission ‘performance’ vehicles. Due to their selective hearing, Dodge may have created one of the greatest muscle cars since the late 60’s and early 70’s. We talk a lot about what makes a classic car collectible, and what modern automobiles could be on the horizon as future classics. What Dodge has done with the Hellcat is package 707 horses of raw and unadulterated fun into an incredibly comfy (possibly overweight) beast of a car. Now you may disagree with me on what makes a car classic, but there’s something to be said about the simplicity and joy that the Hellcat brings to the driver that makes these cars so desirable.

This 2015 Dodge Hellcat has been owned by a single owner since new, and is presented with just over 1,000miles on the odometer. It comes in the rare factory color of Sublime Green Pearl, which was only an option for model years 2015 and late 2019. Other options include the ever important TREMEC 6-Speed manual transmission, Uconnect sound system, and Premium Laguna Leather SRT Seats. This car has been regularly serviced and is up to date with all recent recalls and provisions.